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Why use NFC tags?

We interact with our phones very often. Imagine what happens when you can automate a part of these interactions? So you don’t have to interact with your phone as much, but still get the results. Makes life just that more convenient. 

Compare a NFC automation with a remote lock/unlock on your car. Once you have it, you don’t want to go back.

  • Set multiple long term reminders  with just one tap of your phone
    • laundry done 2hrs from now
    • change contact lenses 30 days from now
  • Log health data with just one tap of your phone
    • drank a coffee
    • drank water
  • Call or text someone immediately with just one tap of your phone
    • I’m on my way!
  • Play an album with just one tap of your phone
    • Play your favourite album
  • Add items to your grocery list with just one tap of your phone
    • Add milk to the list
  • Enter driving mode with just one tap of your phone
    • set to do not disturb
    • play playlist
    • open navigation app
  • Check storage contents with just one tap of your phone
    • see what’s inside of a storage box

WAUTSH community

In the Wautsh community we share our research results in saving time, making your digital life more convenient. Workflows, automations and shortcuts are our focus. To join our Wautsh community, buy some Wautsh NFC stickers from us or buy a select Wautsh community membership.

  • Download shortcuts straight to your phone
  • Hours of expert classes and master classes
  • Request workflows, automations and shortcuts
  • And much, much much more coming up

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Mission statement

We believe in personal and professional automation. Not in corporate automation. Not corporate IT, but personal IT.

We love workflows, automation and shortcuts. Anything nerdy that can save some time or hassle, we’re in. So naturally we were very excited to play with NFC tags as soon as Apple started supporting them. And now we want the world to know, got to let it show, that you can make your (work) life a little easier.