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We believe in how to’s. We filled our community with how to’s. But there is more. The why. Why is this good? Why should I implement this? Why automate? Why create a workflow? First comes the why, then the how.

In the WAUTSH community we share our research into the why, and the hows. On an personal level, organisational level and even a mankind level. Founder Martijn Aslander is already putting his premium content on the WAUTSH community. With more on the way.

Make your digital life more convenient. Save time. WAUTSH focuses on personal IT: your workflows, automations and shortcuts.

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StreamDeck for productivity

July 1st, 2020|

The awesome Elgato StreamDeck is made for video streamers. But it's also a great productivity tool. Process your email quicker, use it as a video editor, control your digital meeting, you name it and [...]